Balance. Solutions. Efficiency.

Welcome to Pillow Logistics. We are a team of dedicated professionals ready to work with you on developing a logistics strategy that will help your business thrive. We don’t just crunch numbers, we listen, collaborate, and nurture business growth. We want to earn your trust and get you to where you need to be.

We do our job so you can do yours

Reliability Born From Efficiency

There is no time off in the logistics business. We provide 24/7 customer support and project management accessibility to our customers ensuring that their goals will be met. Customer service is our top priority.


Whatever business you are managing, the choice of a logistics partner should be based on efficiency. You cannot achieve cost effectiveness without efficient logistics.


Founded in 1988, Pillow Logistics is a second-generation family owned and operated business and never misses an opportunity to learn. We recruit team members that will add to our brain trust and help make the best decisions to serve our customers by using what works and abandoning antiquated approaches.


Few logistics companies have been as aggressive in their investment in technology as Pillow Logistics. The world is moving forward quickly. Our customers expect us to be on the cutting edge of tracking and organizational software—and we are. Integrated systems keep the client in the loop while still having a friendly customer service representative just a phone call away.


There is still something to be said about person-to-person interaction. Maybe it’s because we’re a family company; maybe it’s because we refuse to shake off our midwestern small-town roots. Whatever the reason, we value the human interactions that make doing business better. The relationships we build with our customers, employees, and independent contractors are of great value to us and we do all that we can to continue to nurture and grow them.


Moving business forward one delivery at a time. Pillow Logistics offers a wide range of transportation services that will fit your ever-changing business needs. Whether a delivery route is planned or last minute, our capable staff is ready to handle the project professionally and effectively.

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Safe, secure, and ready to move. At Pillow Logistics, we address the challenges of supply chain management head on through cross docking and warehousing services that provide organized processes and up-to-date inventory information. Our facilities are well maintained with a top-notch staff to provide the service you need to keep your business moving forward.

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  Life Sciences Division

Providing logistics services in the medical and healthcare space is a responsibility. At Pillow Logistics—Life Sciences Division we take this responsibility very seriously. We understand that we are a critical link in the chain of healthcare services that are vital to the well-being of many people. Our team is ready to provide the highest degree of customer service and we are committed to being problem solvers and facilitators.

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Medical Delivery

We have years of experience and a stellar reputation. The efficient and cost-effective transportation of medical supplies is at the very heart of Pillow Logistics. Our first clients were in healthcare. We pride ourselves on providing logistic services in this industry with a deep understanding of its unique requirements.

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  Facility Support

Do what you do best. You have cultivated the best staff for your business’ needs, but they may not have the experience or the bandwidth to handle the vital logistical component of your business. Let us handle that piece of the puzzle, so that you can focus on building and evolving your company.

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Final Mile · Middle Mile · Any Mile

At Pillow Logistics Group, we understand that every inch of the logistics process needs to be strategized and managed in a way that will benefit both the client and the end user. Individualized care as well as specialized service is something we are able to provide because we have the experience and resources to back up everything we do.

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Mission Statement

At Pillow Express Logistics our mission is to maintain the highest level of operational service, provide value-based pricing, and develop long lasting customer relationships in the courier transportation, fulfillment, and facility management industry.


Technology Driven

Status quo is never enough for Pillow Logistics

We always want to do better, provide more, and be the absolute best at the services we provide. We have brought in some of the greatest minds in the logistics industry, continually educate ourselves on best practices, and invest in cutting edge technology that improves the customer’s experience.