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A logistic organization that has you covered throughout all facets of the delivery process


Logistics can be your company’s greatest weakness or greatest strength—it all depends on whom you partner with. Choose a logistics firm you can trust.

Experience is everything when it comes to a delivery service. Anyone can carry a parcel from one place to another, but what sets Pillow Logistics Group apart is its unwavering ability to problem solve, adapt, and get your deliveries where they need to be with accuracy, efficiency, and care.

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Whom We Serve

  • Financial Institutions
  • Industrial Corporations
  • Retail Organizations
  • Ecommerce
  • Medical Groups
  • Life Sciences Sectors

Niche Knowledge Across the Board

We provide service that is specific to the industries we work with. There are concerns that are unique to each of our clients and our vast and varied experience ensures that these concerns are addressed and met with unwavering commitment.

last mile delivery in Indianapolis

Leveraging Our Reach to Get the Job Done

We want to take this off your plate. Let your administrative team handle what they do best and let our administrative team handle the logistics. You can structure your service plan so that every aspect of your logistics strategy is handled by our team of experts—from our first consultation to assess your needs to executing all the details in the field.

  • Our customer service is always on call
  • Well-maintained fleet of vehicles is at your service
  • Experienced and dependable drivers at the helm
  • Technology that makes tracking routes and deliveries easy and accessible

Getting to That Final Mile

The people at Pillow Logistics Group are its greatest asset. We operate with the core value that at the end of every delivery is a person waiting for something they need. We take our routes seriously and do everything in our power to optimize our pathways.

  • Offering an extended small parcel shipping network
  • Both on-demand and routed delivery services are available
  • Efficient shipping options developed through pool distribution

Middle Mile Services for Complete Coverage

A company’s logistic needs are not always straightforward. And there is always more than one way to get where you need to go. Pillow Logistics Group doesn’t shy away from flexibility, we thrive on it. When you have the level of expertise found at Pillow Logistics Group, you have options.

  • We work directly within the supply chain to keep packages moving
  • We provide vertical integration of services
  • We have the capability to process, hold, warehouse, and deliver

Value-based Service

In the end, every company has a bottom line they are beholden to. A poorly executed logistic strategy is one of the fastest ways to sabotage a healthy cash flow. For this reason, whom you partner with is crucial to your business’ success. Pillow Logistics Group offers savvy, economical delivery services that fit your needs with fiscal acumen.

  • Efficiencies are put in place to reduce fuel and transportation costs
  • Risk reduction is at the core of our strategy
  • We aim to reduce overhead costs
  • Options available to add to your in-house fleet
  • Full-service logistics mobilization is available
final mile delivery to customer
courier driver

Where Can You Find Us?

We are where you need to be. Over the years Pillow Logistics Group has built a network of resources that you can leverage to ensure your company’s success. Our reach will help you solve day-to-day logistics problems, and our experience will help you be prepared for all scenarios.

  • Over 100 of our drivers deliver in a 6-state radius
  • Warehouses are available for use in Indianapolis and Louisville

Middle Mile · Final Mile · Any Mile. Our capabilities stretch across the Indianapolis and Louisville Metro Area and beyond

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For more information, download our informational sell sheet below.