Transportation Solutions

On Demand

Nimble, agile, and above all reliable. In order to provide our customers with expedited services that are both cost effective and dependable, we have invested in a solid team and cutting edge technology. Whether you need same day or overnight services, we will help you find a way for you to meet your deadline.

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Routed Services

Building relationships and long-term strategies. At Pillow Logistics we are interested in cultivating long-term solutions that will help a company grow. And we have the infrastructure in place to quickly and efficiently adjust as a company’s needs change.

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Safely down the home stretch. Final mile services are the last link in your supply chain, basically putting the product into your customer’s hands. This step must be handled with care and respect because it is a direct reflection of your business. You need a logistics company that takes this process seriously and can get the job done efficiently.

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