Getting products where they need to go with care and exemplary service.

Crossing the finish line with finesse.

The consumer’s expectation for final delivery of their orders has changed over the years. Demand has increased and the bar for customer service has been raised. Pillow Logistics provides final mile delivery services with this thought in mind--how a consumer receives their order is a direct reflection of the company that sent it. We take this responsibility seriously and want to always reflect the very best of what customer service can be both to the client who hires us as well as the end user who benefits from our high standards of service.


Overview of Freight Services

Dock to dock

Expedited/hot shot services (short and long distance)

First/middle/final mile

Freight forwarding

Curbside with lift gate

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In general, parcels are boxes shipped and labeled individually. Freight, on the other hand, would be a collection of boxes shipped on one pallet, moving as a group. Typically, anything shipping with a collective weight over 150 lbs will utilize freight.

The US postal service is basically a national service. They serve everyone, deliver everything – and do so at an affordable rate. Courier services on the other hand – are private firms that ship parcels and important documents- many of whom specialize in specific kinds of shipping.

  • Same Day Courier
  • Standard/ Stat Courier Services
  • Hot Shot (Short and Long Distance)