On Demand

Transporting urgent deliveries on time with great care.

Expedited Service

We provide swift and dependable service

When you can't leave your delivery to chance, you can rest assured that Pillow Logistics is standing by and ready to jump in to meet your needs. Expedited courier services are only as good as their reliability and we have dedicated ourselves to making sure that every delivery project we undertake is handled with the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency, and reliability.

Same Day & Next Day Service

Ready to move

We are on-call and available to take your call. Today’s business world waits for no one. Customers expect everything right now without a care for who makes it happen. Well, we here at Pillow Logistics make it happen. Same day and next day service is only successful when a company has clear processes and mobilization plans in place. We have the experience and agility to make sure that you can meet your deadlines.

Next Flight Out Service (NFO)

Wheels up

At Pillow Logistics we have plans in place to get your deliveries where they need to go quickly and efficiently. We have planned routes in place to local airports and are able to transport your products as needed to the first available flight.


Overview of On Demand Services

Expedited/hot shot services (short and long distance)

Medical STAT delivery services

Next flight out (NFO) service

Reach out today to discuss your options.

On Demand Courier Services

Clients call or email Pillow Logistics and request a delivery.

Pillow offers 90-minute pickup and delivery (stat), rush pickup and delivery (4-hour delivery window) or same day delivery services.

Pillow offers a variety of vehicles ranging from cars, minivans, cargo vans, and 24-26ft box trucks for routed services.

Pillow Logistics offers On Demand courier services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 per year with a live dispatcher always available to take your call!

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