Our Story

Pillow Logistics was founded in 1988 after my father, George E. Pillow, had a conversation with a couple of healthcare executives. He was surprised to learn how their struggles with internal courier services were hitting their bottom lines. They complained that there was a real void in the market for reliable, outsourced expedited courier services.

This made a great impression on him and he realized he could offer these people a solution. Soon he was meeting with other companies and local governments regarding outsourcing expedited courier services, and he found their concerns overlapped in many ways. Logistics was a business unto itself and companies and government services could benefit from a streamlined approach that would provide efficiency and cost advantages. People needed reliable services that would offer individualized care and the highest standards of customer service.

And that’s how Pillow Logistics was born.

The company grew and was even recognized in the Harvard Business Review for the aid it gave to government departments. For many businesses, this mark of success would be enough to sit back and keep things moving along. But complacency is just not in the DNA of Pillow Logistics.

I joined the company in 2010 after working in the healthcare sector. I brought with me a firsthand knowledge of the very challenges that inspired my father to start the company two decades earlier. Although the reputation of Pillow Logistics was flourishing, I could see that company was open to innovation.

Status quo is never enough at Pillow Logistics. We always want to do better, provide more, and be the absolute best at the services we provide. We have brought in some of the greatest minds in the logistics industry, continually educate ourselves on best practices, and invest in cutting edge technology that improves the customer’s experience.

This growth and evolution have been accomplished with the utmost respect for the services we provide. From the very first healthcare company we partnered with to the myriad client base we serve in the end it all started with a simple idea—How to get something from point A to point B with efficiency and care. We want to provide other businesses the tools to grow and to better serve the people in this country. And we want to make sure their experience is positive and productive.

It is fitting that my family name is Pillow. In this industry support is everything. To be successful, goods need to be safe in transport, secure in warehousing, and on time in delivery. You can put your mind at rest when you partner with Pillow Logistics. We’ll always provide your deliveries a soft place to land.

- Eddie Pillow, CEO

Leadership Team


Mr. George E. Pillow Jr.

Founder / Owner


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VP of Operations


Mark G.

Director of Field Operations

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Heather Elliott

Director of Operations


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