Medical Courier in Indianapolis

Giving medical delivery services the care and attention it deserves.

A great responsibility

Although all of the goods we transport and warehouse are cared for with the highest standards in place, we realize the gravity of our work in medical delivery. Keeping costs down will help patients in the end. Getting the equipment, supplies, and medicines to healthcare providers safely and efficiently plays a role in patient well-being. We take these responsibilities very seriously and do all that we can to plan, prepare, and complete the tasks in our charge without fail.


Overview of Medical Delivery Services

HIPAA-certified contract drivers

Technology-driven transparency

Detailed documentation

Cold chain management

Full range of specialized transportation services

Technology in action

In medical delivery services, monitoring and tracking deliveries in route or upon arrival is critical. For this reason, Pillow Logistics has invested in technologies that will keep information accessible and in order. We are committed to supporting the processes necessary to keep medical supply chains accountable. Because of our in-depth knowledge of healthcare, we understand how invaluable these details are.


Cold chain is the process of maintaining optimal conditions during the storage, transportation, and handling of vaccines, beginning at the vaccine manufacturer, and ending with the administration of the vaccine to the patient. A well-managed cold chain and an effective logistics system are essential for effective and safe immunization delivery.

Our leadership team has a unique understanding of the demands of providing medical delivery to healthcare facilities. Just delivering the product is not enough. We understand that our clients need accessible, detailed information on the transit and receipt of medical products, pharmaceuticals, and equipment. As a result, Pillow Logistics has invested in cutting edge technology to make sure that the information and updates our clients need is readily available.

Indiana's Largest Comprehensive Healthcare Company

“[During the] last two months, [Pillow Logistics has] really been spectacular. Covid-19 brought on the need for not just rapid response, but immediate response. Our hospitals needed a tremendous amount of stat orders to treat the influx of patients. We contacted Pillow and they readily responded to ensure the supplies we needed for immediate patient care were delivered in record time. Pillow Logistics has a proven to be a tremendous asset to our operation. We truly appreciate their partnership and dedication to our mission.”

Nationwide Medical Logistics Provider

“Your team has proven that they are reliable and have become our first option when looking for additional coverage for jobs that we are unable to complete. Your team’s commitment to healthcare is what makes you a great partner in this industry. We have received positive feedback about your drivers and have gotten requests to ‘send a Pillow driver’ to complete certain box truck movements from our client.”