Turning your cross-docking process into a well-oiled machine.

There is a better way to do this.

As a business expands and the demand for products rises, streamlining warehousing services is critical in achieving an efficient and cost-effective logistics plan. The basic principle behind cross docking services is to eliminate or minimize the storage component of your supply chain. Products are unloaded from their transport, sorted and organized, and then reloaded on an outgoing transport while taking advantage of consolidating items going to the same location or breaking down larger shipments for easier delivery.

Keep inventory safe, organized, and ready to move.

Offset the burden of storage and inventory management by partnering with Pillow Logistics. We have built a team that is able to provide individualized service to address all of your warehousing concerns. With advanced inventory management strategies in place, we are able to store product cost effectively and help you get it where it needs to go with care and efficiency. Reach out by phone or email to discuss availability and pricing.


Overview of Warehousing Services

Critical parts warehousing


Inventory management

Long-term warehousing

Order fulfillment services

Reverse logistics

Short-term warehousing

Distribution Plans Created For Your Needs

Products that need more time to be sorted or repackaged can remain longer in the cross-docking facility while distribution is planned. Pillow Logistics helps customers make these decisions based on their individual needs. And if a plan needs to be adjusted, help is just a phone call away.

Traditional warehousing and shipping processes need a distributor with stock on hand to deliver to customers. But cross-docking is the unloading of products directly from incoming onto outbound trucks with a short period of storage between.

  • Reduces material handling
  • Reduces need to store products in warehouse
  • No need for large warehouses areas
  • Reduced time to customer
  • Products are moved more quickly through cross-dock