What is the difference between postal and courier services?

The US postal service is basically a national service. They serve everyone, deliver everything – and do so at an affordable rate. Courier services on the other hand – are private firms that ship parcels and important documents- many of whom specialize in specific kinds of shipping.

What is the difference between parcel and freight?

In general, parcels are boxes shipped and labeled individually. Freight, on the other hand, would be a collection of boxes shipped on one pallet, moving as a group. Typically, anything shipping with a collective weight over 150 lbs will utilize freight.

What are the advantages of cross docking?

  • Reduces material handling
  • Reduces need to store products in warehouse
  • No need for large warehouses areas
  • Reduced time to customer
  • Products are moved more quickly through cross dock

What is the importance of cold chain?

Cold chain is the process of maintaining optimal conditions during the storage, transportation, and handling of vaccines, beginning at the vaccine manufacturer and ending with the administration of the vaccine to the patient. A well-managed cold chain and an effective logistics system are essential for effective and safe immunization delivery.

How is cross-docking different than traditional warehousing?

Traditional warehousing and shipping processes need a distributor with stock on hand to deliver to customers. But cross-docking is the unloading of products directly from incoming onto outbound trucks with a short period of storage between.

What are the different types of courier services?

  • Same Day Courier
  • Standard/ Stat Courier Services
  • Hot Shot (Short and Long Distance)