Pillow Logistics Expands into Louisville, Kentucky

In November of 2021, Pillow Logistics officially opened up shop in Louisville, Kentucky–the courier service’s second location to date. The new office and freight warehouse will provide a new base for Pillow’s growing team and continue to meet the needs of this final mile service provider’s growing client base. Overall, the new location situated just south of downtown Louisville, will expand service options for current and prospective clients.

The new Pillow branch offers capabilities that include cross-docking, warehousing, and distribution. The 7,000 square-foot courier center was strategically positioned 15 minutes from the local airport and 10 min from I-65 and the Watterson Expressway. This new position supports delivery to the Louisville metro area and Southern Indiana—including Evansville, IN.

“In Louisville, we’re fully capable of receiving inbound freight shipments, we can take product breakdown jobs, and perform distribution delivery,” explained Eddie Pillow, President of the Indiana-based courier service. “At this location, we can process freight coming in from semis and we are able to put out delivery routes five days a week.

With 2022 moving fast, Pillow’s team is zooming in on a full year of operations in Louisville, Kentucky. It may be too soon to say, but the current rate of success in the new location may call for an anniversary celebration as November 2022 rolls around.

“We have a very strong branch manager who came from a national logistics company running the show over there. Plus, we have hired all new drivers to support that location,” explained Eddie Pillow–seemingly pleased with Louisville’s current output. “We’re within six months, and that operation is running smoothly and profitably. So, we’re poised for additional operations and capabilities.”

When the location opened, Pillow’s team noticed excitement from their current clients and new colleagues in the area. The feedback has exposed a community in need of final mile delivery services. This hypothesis was confirmed when Pillow notified ECA MarketPlace conference attendees that an additional location had been added.

“We have been speaking with customers about our capabilities and footprint–this is giving them access to greater capacity. As conversations happen, there’s buzz about being able to service this market,” explained Eddie Pillow. “At the conference in Tucson, it seemed that Louisville may be a market where there was less representation and overall excitement about being able to service customers in the area.”

Specifically, Pillow Logistics’ team often services clients in Medical Delivery, Pharmaceuticals, office supply, HVAC, and more. Both current and prospective clients in these industries have shown excitement about Pillow throwing their name into the hat as another option to provide final mile services in Louisville.

“This location is part of our future vision and our expansion plan,” said Eddie Pillow. “We hope to cover every zip code in the state of Indiana as we are strategically placed in Indianapolis and central Indiana. The opening in Louisville will secure same day distribution throughout Indiana, greater Louisville, and in Kentucky.”

Not only will the Pillow Logistics team conduct business throughout the expanded radius at which they operate–but the team will also create new connections with the local communities they serve.

“We want to give back to the community in Louisville,” said Eddie Pillow. “We just received a state certification as a minority-owned business in Kentucky. Plus, we joined the Louisville Chamber of Commerce. So, we’re trying to establish roots in the area and develop relationships–not just opening up shop for business.”

Eddie Pillow went on to say that he made the decision to join the Tri-State National Minority Supplier Development Council as well as the local Healthcare Fellows network in order to meet more colleagues and clients in the greater Louisville metro area.

While the courier service provider understood that there was new business to be done for clients in Louisville, the team also knows that this new location will expand capabilities for clients in Indiana as well. Furthermore, Eddie Pillow explained that this was a move made to show the company’s commitment to growth and community building.

“Initially, we were asked to come to this market by a major retail customer. We want to grow with this client and new customers,” explained Eddie Pillow. “We will continue to add zip codes for our clients, we will provide evening route work, overnight delivery support, and warehousing capabilities so we can utilize this multi-purpose facility for any client who can benefit from this service.”