What Does A Medical Courier Do? 

In the US, there are 6,093 hospitals, according to the American Hospital Association, and many of these hospitals use a medical courier company. In addition, many clinics and healthcare institutions, and organizations in the US and globally use medical delivery services. 

Without medical couriers attending to the needs of these organizations, there would be many issues. Not to mention the hazards it could cause patients and the healthcare system. For example, it’s estimated that 90% of nurses cannot perform patient care effectively when medical delivery delays occur.

Yet, what is a medical courier, and what does a medical courier do exactly? In this article, the logistics team at Pillow Logistics has answered these questions while explaining why you need a medical supply courier. 

What Is A Medical Courier?—What Do They Do?

A medical courier is a specialized courier service. They deliver medical supplies and goods to healthcare companies, organizations, and institutions. Medical couriers play a critical role in the delivery industry. 

This is because they deliver important and often much-needed items. For example, medical couriers deliver medical records and lab samples. They also deliver test results, specimens, and images. Medical couriers are also tasked with delivering medical items quickly and safely between a pickup and drop-off location. 

Medical couriers like Pillow Logistics are professional and reliable. This is because they often have to interact with doctors, lab technicians, and nurses. Medical couriers are also specially trained to operate and handle sensitive cargo and advanced technology. This is to ensure their delivery packages retain their integrity.

What Are The Reasons You Should Use A Medical Courier?

medical staff receive supplies from a medical courier service

Now that you know what a medical courier is and what they do, you’re likely curious about why you should use one. 

Below we have listed some reasons you should use a specialized medical courier. If you have sensitive medical deliveries, you frequently need to be delivered safely, and on time, read on.

Trained And Compliant Staff

When you use a medical courier, you won’t need to worry about explaining the importance of your delivery. They are trained to know what to do and they are compliant.

This means that you will work with trained professionals who know how to deliver your packages according to your requirements. 

You can also trust that those employed by a medical courier have the training to handle the medical equipment needed to make these types of deliveries safely. 

You can trust that medical couriers know the importance of on-time and same-day deliveries. So they will do everything they can to ensure nothing is ever late arriving at its destination and that it’s never compromised. 

For example, medical couriers know how to handle delicate equipment, sensitive samples, and reporting. In most instances, medical couriers are also medically certified to come into contact with medical goods. They can also drive temperature-controlled vehicles with packages that must be climate controlled to maintain their integrity. 

Staff undergo screening when working for a medical courier. So you can trust that professionals handle your parcels. Medical courier companies like Pillow Logistics also take it a step further by using audits and technology to efficiently manage staff and deliveries. 

A medical courier will ensure deliveries meet OSHA and PHI requirements during these audits. They will also ensure vehicles are compliant and clean. A chain of custody is also in place to ensure your patient data, items, and you, are kept safe to reduce confidentiality problems and liability risks. 

On-Time Medical Deliveries


Time is of the essence for many delivery companies, and this is no different for medical couriers. In the healthcare industry, there is often nothing worse than receiving deliveries late. Late deliveries can have far-reaching negative consequences and sometimes cost people their lives. 

If a company chooses a specialized medical courier, it won’t need to worry as much about late deliveries and the consequences they bring. 

You will feel in control of your medical deliveries with an effective delivery management system with the right courier company. This will free up your time and allow you to use it more effectively. 

Yet, how is this possible? Simple. A reputable medical courier company will provide the tools you need to review your orders. This will let you ensure the information is correct. 

They will also allow you to track deliveries and receive email or text notifications during each stage of the delivery process. This will keep you up to date at all times and end any stress you might have surrounding your delivery. 

Also, depending on the courier company, they will work with you to meet your time constraints. This will ensure healthcare providers are seen as more reliable and trustworthy when their deliveries are on time. 

Utilization Of Advanced Technology

Medical couriers use some of the most advanced technology in the industry. They do this to ensure packages reach their destinations. There is a wide variety of technology used by medical couriers to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

This means several automated processes are used. They are used mostly to streamline deliveries and reduce the risks associated with human error. For example, advanced technology reduces the likelihood of lost, damaged, or stolen deliveries. This is a real worry for medical couriers. 

Some examples of the medical courier driver technology used to reduce these risks and ensure deliveries are made on time include: 

  • Barcode scanning
  • Email notifications
  • Signature capture
  • GPS tracking
  • Online order and track platforms

These are only some of the advanced technological tools medical courier companies use. You can talk to an expert at Pillow Logistics who can detail their process to learn more. 

Pillow logistics medical courier delivery truck

Speak With A Medical Courier At Pillow Logistics Today! 

Anyone can deliver a package. Yet some medical courier companies are better than others, like Pillow Logistics. At Pillow Logistics, we take our delivery role seriously. So we offer reliable medical courier services you can trust. 

Our team will deliver your medical parcels safely and on time because we understand how important your delivery is to your company. We know the various ins and outs of the business and are eager to help you meet your goals. 

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